APB Reloaded - To Be Fat or Not to Be Fat!

This game. Oh my god.

I was cracking up so badly at 12 am, I'm surprised that everyone in the house didn't hear me! If I were to describe this game, I would say this:

It's a mix between GTA and Reno 911. You're gonna find retarded cops and even more retarded criminals!
 Here is the exact video that my friend sent me a few days ago (when I discovered this game)

The gameplay may be a bit weird, but it's easy to get used to. I love the graphics and everything is HILARIOUS! When you die, you will become a ragdoll until you respawn. Isn't that great? :)

Starting out in this game is not very fun because there is absolutely no level difference in missions. If you're level 1, the opposing team might be level 20. It's impossible because of the extremely unbalance weapons that people use in higher levels. Also, if someone doesn't have premium, the guns will expire.

I love making the character though. There is a simple character creator, and an advanced character creator. The advantages in the advanced creator is that you get to really detail your character to the point where he/she looks like a complete slob, or a gentleman/woman. This is, of course, after selecting whether or not you want to be a criminal or an enforcer. There is not much difference, but the enforcers get to arrest criminals. :(

Overall, this game is extremely fun and FREE! You can get it on Steam by searching for APB: Reloaded.

Try this game and see if you like it!

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