A little bout' Tohfoo

Hi there!

Gaming is my passion. It has been in my life... well, not since I was born, but close. Coming from a family that barely had experience with technology before the late 80s, the first computer that my parents owned was an old HP Pavillion (I forget what model) with AOL. Old right? One of the first games I ever played was The Oregon Trail! That was hours and hours of fun back then. :) To this day, I still want to play a game like that again, but I don't know where to find such a thing! If anyone reading this blog knows where I can find an updated Oregon Trail, please, please, please let me know!

From then on, I played more and more games, leading to simple games such as Solitaire to more advanced games such as Counter-Strike: Source. I still remember those teenage days where Runescape or MapleStory used to be the best thing ever.

What you'll find here.

I made this blog so I could post about my experiences in games that I enjoy, and some that I dislike. There are so many games in modern times, and some need reviews! Of course, there are plenty of other gamers online that make game reviews, but I'll try to make mine as genuine as possible!

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