Rusty Farts? It's Rusty HEARTS DUMBASS.

I've been looking for some MMOs to play...

And  I remember hearing about this game called Rusty Hearts on YouTube from a channel called Mega64. Some may have hear of them, some haven't, but they make hilarious video game parodies. One of my favorites certainly was the Rusty Hearts commercial and the Heavy Rain parody. Here, take a look!

These two videos are absolutely hilarious! The great thing about these videos is that they aren't a huge company like Machinima.The quality is great, the actors are funny, and they all have a love for games. :) Just like you and I!

Rusty Hearts is a great game to play once in a while, but it's not too fun without friends. Most of the game consists of doing quests alone because of the lack of players in lower level areas. It is fun though.

Go ahead and try it!

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